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My First iPhone, and The Top Ten Best Apps! (Shhh…and extras!!)


Hey guys! So, I’ve got some great news! One, I finally got an iPhone! It’s my dad’s old one, it’s black (an otterbox) and pretty beat up, but I love it. We’ve gone through some tough times this past month. LOL, seriously though, I’ve had it since the end of December, and you know what I’ve doe? I’ve already dropped it in the sink, panicked, dried it out in rice, then switched to instant oatmeal because it’s supposed to be better for three days, broke the pins in the dock connecter, panicked, ordered new parts, panicked, fixed the phone (my cool dad took it apart, put new pins in, and then fixed the wire, which fixed the wi-fi problem, though I don’t have free wifi), and dropped it on the ground several times. Oh, I was also in a car accident with three of my brothers and my grandmother. We were rear-ended. Ugh.

So, bnack to my original news- the purpose of this post (as the title says) was to put together a list of the best (in my opinion) apps.

Here we go:

1. Documents.

For all the writers out there (like me!), this is an awesome app to get. You can create documents, folders, spreadsheets, scans, and photos. You can share folders, email docs, email docs, sign in to Google, and more. I use it literally every day, because I always write at least something every day. It’s like I have to, or it nags me all freaking day long. AND, you don’t even need wifi unless you’re trying to connect to Google.

Price: free.

2. Word Counter.

Word Counter lets you write or copy and paste words into the box and then it tells you how many words and characters you have. I also use this a lot. No wifi needed.

Price: free.

3. Musify.

Musify is another app I use daily. You can stream music, or search for it, and then download it so you can listen to music even if you don’t have wi-fi. That’s great, right? Especially since I don;’t have free wi-fi. I think there’s a limit for songs, but so far I have over  ten songs. And it’s free.

Price: free.

4. High School Story.

High School Story is another favorite. You can create characters, buy (fake, online for the game only) books with coins, not real money, although you can do that too, buy places, but plots, and do so, so much more. You create your own school. I swear it’s a lot of fun. I’m just really bad at explaining things, haha. My seventeen year old friend recommended it to me. You don’t need wifi/

5. Hay Day.

Hay Day, if you can’t guess from its name, is a farming game. It’s really fun. You can buy plots of land, plant seeds, earn coins, and a lot more. No wifi needed.

Price: free.

6. Vesper Hunt.

This is a game from the 39 Clues Message Board by Schoolastic. It’s an incredibly fun site, just so you know. You don’t need to read the books (the first is called Maze of Bones, by Rick Riordan, various, and by various, I mean many, authors write the next books, and there are over thirty books) to play the game, however. It’s also really fun. No wifi needed.

Price: free.

7. Flappy Wings.

Flappy Wings, I’m guessing, is another version if Flappy Bird. I’m really bad at it- I can’t seem to get past sixteen. And no, not level sixteen, but the sixteenth coin, haha. It’s good for a day when your in the car, on a trip, a rainy day, or when you’re just ored and want to play something. And you don’t need wifi.

Price: free.

8. Slender Man.

I know there are a LOT of bad things said about SM- you know, all the crazy teenage killings. But for your non killing obsessed normal-or-not-so-normal teen, this is anm awesome game. I was surprised at how many people think it’s scary. My seven year old brother played it and wasn’t scared ONCE, much less me. You can also play the free version of Thwe Eight Pages on your computer.

No wifi needed.

Price: free, sometimes costs money. The free versions are awesome.

9. Poptropica.

It’s Poptropica. ‘Nuff said.

Okay, though. It’s awesome. Their adding new things a lot1 If you don’t know what Poptropica is, click this link or check my other blog. I’ll be posting about Poptropica anyway. You can ply on your computer, too.



You can play on an Adroid device, iPhone, or Ipad touch.

Price: free.

10. Poptropica Tips.

Yep, and buy the Poptropica Creators, too!


German app (learn German, it’s working for me!)

French app.

Weird Facts app.

Latin app.

Mathway (a cool Math app).

SAT Vocab (preparing for SATs…I’m not there yet and the vocabulary is help ME!)

More coming later!!!

By the way, TeenVogue.com is an awesome site for teens! And it’s NOT all about fashion, either!! I was soo excited.