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I think Girls Will Agree With This…


I’m sorry, I was just going through my mom’s old blog and I saw this.

Obviously, being only thirteen, I am not pregnant, but I think this applies to most periods…or life.



More Pictuures!


More pictures of my room! Well, and our whole house.

August 2014 082

Our- as in me and my brother’s- upstairs bathroom..

August 2014 110

The weird Thundercats sticker on the light switch…

August 2014 089

Our bathroom, again..

August 2014 113

The attic kitchen sink. It was nice having it there only a few steps away from my “room” but it had to be ripped out by my dad, the amazing contractor.

August 2014 116

Also the attic sink…

Our house is really small. And, of course, my brothers cannot, just cannot, stay out of my room. I mean, I could scream. I suppose I should say did, since I did scream. I also tried to hit Justin. Succeeded, really. Like, everyone thinks that just because there is only a stupid flimsy Minne Mouse shower curtain that I HATE is there, they can just throw it aside and waltz right in! Just because there’s no door! I mean, COME ON!