Our Birthday Party.


I had realized I never posted my birthday party pics from early July. It was for my dad, my brother Justin, my brother Jacob, and I. Justin turned ten, Jacob turned seven, I turned thirteen and Dad turned forty. (I can’t believe it!) Justin’s birthday was June 27th, mine the 19th, and Dad’s was the 30th. Jacob’s was July 17th. We combine the parties into one to save time, money and exhaustion. So, here was my birthday cake my beautiful mother AKA the-best-freaking-mom-you-could-ever-have-who-has-an-awesome-daughter-:) made me. (I freaked when I saw it, it’s FREAKING PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS!!! IT’S THE BEST CAKE I EVER HAD!!!!!!!!)


July 2014 156 CAMP HALF BLOOD!!


July 2014 165

Oh yeah, this was Jacob’s cake! Pretty cool, huh?!


July 2014 160

Justin’s cake.


July 2014 161

Oh, I forgot, I asked Laura (my awesome aunt) to make me an angel food cake. She did….and put Zac Effron on it as well…..:/ Seriously?! Whatever. (To Laura) I DO NOT LIKE ZAC EFFRONY WHATEVER!!! I DON’T! Ugh. Believe what you want. 🙂

So, here’s what I got, or what I can remember anyway: my favorite gift by far was my MP3 Player charger from my parents (and by ‘parents’ I mean Mom), I got one or two journals from Mom (thanks!!) that I’ve already filled halfway, a geography thingy from my grandmother, and from my aunt I got another one of those things that you heat up in the microwave and put it on your neck or use it for cramps or whatever. She made it herself and I really like it!


Justin got a brand new black bike. That was twice the amount my parents usually spend, so he didn’t get as much. Neither of us did, but that’s okay. It’s the thought that counts! 🙂

My dad (Tom) saved the bike for last.  Justin was really upset watching Jacob get his cool Star Wars Lego stuff, so Dad put the bike in front of the house. He came and and said, “Oh, I need my pencil, Justin, go out to the van and get my pencil!”

Justin ran out and yelled when he saw the bike. That was nice.

The boys also got light sabers………

July 2014 201


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