Harry’s House. (Ooh….alliteration…)


Hey guys! I know I’ve been absent and I’m sorry. I’m just panicking because of the fact that I need to update more then fifteen FanFictions and several original stories so all in all, over twenty stories, on FanFiction, FictionPress AND Wattpad. Oh, and I have the 39 Clues MB and DeviantART.


Anyway, here’s what my room looked like before we cleaned it out. It’s in the attic. I can’t wait to move in!! (Note the sarcasm.)


August 2014 084

This is my half of the room….oh yeah! Did I forget to mention I’ll be sharing the whiole room (whiocj isn’t the biggest) with four sibs?? No? Oops. Yeah, five kids, well, four kids and one teen who needs her freaking space. Looking forward to that.


This will be the kids' room.  Very low ceiling and the end is sloped.


I think- I’m not sure- this is part of the boys half. I wanted Rory (Lorelei,. my little three year old sis) to sleep in there. I can make a bed on the floor.


August 2014 070

Our living room.

I’ll try to post more in another post no. trust me, I’ve got way more pictures!!


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Hi, I am a young teenager who has her heart set on being a writer when she gets older. I love the game Family Barn, and when I'm not on Family Barn or Poptropica, I'm on FanFiction.Net, FictionPress.com, Archive Of Our Own, or Wattpad.com

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