Now, one thing I want to make clear: If I’m having/had a REALLY bad day, you will most likely read about it. If you think it’s whining, don’t read this post.

Mom and I had a fight- well, fight-ish thingy…it’s the same old thing. According to her, I’ve been acting like a teen since I was eleven to twelve-ish. So we went to the south side library branch today. We were on our way home. Here’s a recap of our conversation, but I don’t remember everything;

“Look, I’m trying to understand that you’re a teen and your body is changing”- (I groaned at this. And I just turned thirteen on the 19th)-

” but seriously, you’re always so rude. Like I say one thing, one thing, and you snap and get mad. It’s not that I kept reminding you or anything, even! You get mad at me for everything I say! You get annoyed at everything!  It’s my mere existent that annoys you!” And ect.

“And I try to understand, and I figured, ‘Well, hey, maybe all those teens out there who are bad, maybe their parents just don’t want to be nice to them’, but….” Annnndd etc.

That’s NOt true. I don’t get annoyed because she’s there or saying stuff. It’s her tone when she saying them. It reminds me of a blond cheerleader: (No offence, I’m blond and DON’T take those jokes very nicely.)

“Like, I thought I TOLD you to do this, that, blah, blah, blah, why aren’t you…” Except without the ‘like’ and voice.

Then later she brought it up- “…so annoyed..and…”  –  “Well, there goes my apology!” I snapped. “Oh, yeah right. Like you were going to apologize!” “I WAS.” (And it’s her tone there, like, “Oh, please. SUREEE.”)

I really was. It wasn’t easy, but I was. Whenever I try apologizing to someone, it’s hard. I’m always awkward and embarrassed and I ALWAYS mess it up, like, “Look, I’m really sorry about earlier. Can we forget it?” And that sounds good, right? Well….”It’s just that if YOU hadn’t of…” etc.

I just don’t know what to do! Later on, she never said a word about it and was nice. Most girls would be like, “Well, she’s forgotten, good! i’m off the hook.” But I’m like, “Well, that’s not good, he’s nice…”

Okay, I guess I’m done ranting- for now- soo….any help, advice? Thanks.



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