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In fact, let’s call it Marco’s Guide to One Hundred Sarcastic Comebacks and Insults (Directed mostly At Rachel.)


This is a list of witty and sarcastic insults and comebacks. These are not meant to be mean or offensive, i just laughed really hard at them and I use them for my annoying brother Justine…;) (I say Justine instead of Justin to annoy him.)

In fact, let’s call it Marco’s Guide to One Hundred Sarcastic Comebacks and Insults (Directed mostly At Rachel.)

LOL, it’s an Animorphs joke. You wouldn’t understand.


  “Hey, you wanna hear a joke?”
“It’s okay, you’re a joke all by yourself.”


 “Hey, do you know that (blah) (blah) (blah)”…

“Alert the media!”


“I don’t know how to do this.”…
“Ah, I’m not surprised.”


“What’s happening?!”
“With your IQ, I don’t think you can understand.”


“Looks like I overestimated the number of your brain cells.”

“I feel so stupid!” (Or something similar)
“That’s an understatement.”


“I feel so stupid.”
“It’s okay to feel what you are!”


More later! :):)


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Now, one thing I want to make clear: If I’m having/had a REALLY bad day, you will most likely read about it. If you think it’s whining, don’t read this post.

Mom and I had a fight- well, fight-ish thingy…it’s the same old thing. According to her, I’ve been acting like a teen since I was eleven to twelve-ish. So we went to the south side library branch today. We were on our way home. Here’s a recap of our conversation, but I don’t remember everything;

“Look, I’m trying to understand that you’re a teen and your body is changing”- (I groaned at this. And I just turned thirteen on the 19th)-

” but seriously, you’re always so rude. Like I say one thing, one thing, and you snap and get mad. It’s not that I kept reminding you or anything, even! You get mad at me for everything I say! You get annoyed at everything!  It’s my mere existent that annoys you!” And ect.

“And I try to understand, and I figured, ‘Well, hey, maybe all those teens out there who are bad, maybe their parents just don’t want to be nice to them’, but….” Annnndd etc.

That’s NOt true. I don’t get annoyed because she’s there or saying stuff. It’s her tone when she saying them. It reminds me of a blond cheerleader: (No offence, I’m blond and DON’T take those jokes very nicely.)

“Like, I thought I TOLD you to do this, that, blah, blah, blah, why aren’t you…” Except without the ‘like’ and voice.

Then later she brought it up- “…so annoyed..and…”  –  “Well, there goes my apology!” I snapped. “Oh, yeah right. Like you were going to apologize!” “I WAS.” (And it’s her tone there, like, “Oh, please. SUREEE.”)

I really was. It wasn’t easy, but I was. Whenever I try apologizing to someone, it’s hard. I’m always awkward and embarrassed and I ALWAYS mess it up, like, “Look, I’m really sorry about earlier. Can we forget it?” And that sounds good, right? Well….”It’s just that if YOU hadn’t of…” etc.

I just don’t know what to do! Later on, she never said a word about it and was nice. Most girls would be like, “Well, she’s forgotten, good! i’m off the hook.” But I’m like, “Well, that’s not good, he’s nice…”

Okay, I guess I’m done ranting- for now- soo….any help, advice? Thanks.