Hi! So, I wanted to post the links to my accounts for writing. I use FanFiction, FictionPress, and Wattpad.


And here’s

Well, I would absolutely DIE if you guys checked out my stories!! FictionPress has my original stories. Here’s the books I write FanFiction for and the pairings:

The 39 Clues, Kane Chronicles, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Class of the Titans, Divergent Trilogy, and Austin & Ally, George Lopez, the Nanny, the SotINF series, Harry Potter, and more, including 8 Simple Rules.

Pairings: AmIan, Natan, JAmy, Hamead, Teagen, and Nedison. (T39C.)  Sanubis, Zarter, Falyssa, Salt, Jalt, and Juliazz. (KC)

PERCABETH, Tratie, Thaluke, Thalico, Reynico, Nyssa, Caleo, Frazel, Jasper, Beckalina, Pallie, and Chrisse. (PJO.)

Jeresa and Archlanta. (CotT.) Trobias, Wistinia, and Urilena. (Divergent.) AUSALLY, Trish and that guy from Cupids and Cuties. (I can’t remember his name.) (AaA.)

Cason and Aneorge. (GL.) Fraxwell. (The Nanny.) Nicholas and Pernelle. (TSotINF series.) Harinny, Ronmione, Tonks and Remus, and Dramione.

Anmd from 8 Simple Rules, I ship Kerry and Kyle. Their ship name is Kerryle.


About Lindsey7618

Hi, I am a young teenager who has her heart set on being a writer when she gets older. I love the game Family Barn, and when I'm not on Family Barn or Poptropica, I'm on FanFiction.Net,, Archive Of Our Own, or

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