Hey, my name is Leanna “Jackson”! I am obsessed with Percy Jackson (hence my “last name”), Harry Potter (the books and movie),  the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series, the 39 Clues series (by various authors), and my writing. Well, there’s more, but that would take all day.

Oh yeah, I’m also obsessed with Leo Valdez and Nico di Angelo. Just a warning, I have fought many online people for them. I do not give up. My other name is Leanna Valdez di Angelo.

Another thing you should know about me is that if you liked the PJO movie but haven’t read the books…my heart feels so sad for you. Read the books! The movie absolutely STINKS. (This is just my opinion , and the whole fandom’s…) Honestly, it’s online, people have counted, that there are two hundred and sixty nine things wrong with the PJO movie’s!!! It was a disgrace.

Well, to say something that isn’t about my fandoms, I absolutely adore Taylor swift and Ross Lynch. Seriously, have you listened to Tay’s music? Seriously, have you seen Ross Lynch shirtless?

I also love Imagine Dragons, the Fray, the Wanted, and SO much more. I am a Directioner (please don’t kill me…), but I really hate Harry freaking my hair isn’t ‘Style’ed enough Styles. (Again, just MY opinion.)

I love Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Katy Perry, and a ton of others. I do NOT like Miley Cyrus, she just ruined my LIFE. I mean, I know she couldn’t have stayerd that little girly fourteen year old, but really? She went down the Lindsey Lohan road…even after promising her Dad she wouldn’t!

Well, you will probably find MANY posts about Percy Jackson,. Harry Potter, my writing, and Taylor, and MAYBE a few others (including Ross Lynch). I hope to post often and I would REALLY LOVE IT IF YOU WOULD COMMENT, LIKE, AND STUFF. THANK YOU. UNTIL, LIKE, TOMORROW,



About Lindsey7618

Hi, I am a young teenager who has her heart set on being a writer when she gets older. I love the game Family Barn, and when I'm not on Family Barn or Poptropica, I'm on FanFiction.Net,, Archive Of Our Own, or

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